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Our Focus

Working in partnership with you to enhance customer experiences and help more customers discover how wonderful you are.



Enhance your customer's experiences by focusing on the next one.

In a connected world, businesses will thrive if they can clearly define and enhance the multiple touch points that mould their customer interactions.


It is not enough to define a set of data driven company wide standards to base your reputation and future business model on. It is about creatively forming your unique story while focusing all on your customers needs in a way that connects with them emotionally.


Nexperience helps you to take a fresh look at your entire customer journey and key interactions points. From the initial triggers that form the starting point for potential customers to seek you out, right through to their last visit to your business today.


By reviewing your touch points, we help you simplify the processes and add emotional engagement at every opportunity.


Contact us and open a conversation today.

The Nexperience workshop


In our efforts to spread the word we also offer a talk aimed at igniting the spark with in your managers and teams that can start to create an emotional connection with their customers. After all Inspired businesses succeed faster with inspired teams.

Why not start ideas flowing with a keynote address at your next regional or managers conference.


As we all spend hours on our smart phones,  garnering potential customers attention will earn you the right to sell to them.


This is easier said than done as we have all developed radars that quickly block-out the banners, programmatic

advertising and thinly masked sales techniques that constantly fly out of our screens. These are seen as irritations rather than being welcomed.


Bigger is no longer better - Creative is the variable.


The way in which you honestly tell your story is far more important than simply advertising. This is why we aim to work with small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to offer a quick responsive way that maximise their social presence without breaking the bank.


We focus on helping you answer the three questions that all customers ask...


  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you offer me as a customer?
  3. How can I find you?


If you wish to explore how we could work with you then let's talk.

Unlock your social media potential

building awareness through honestly creative telling your story.

Our Process.

Complicated processes based on too many negotiations and contracts do not work for us.

A Simple 6 step process married with our monthly contracts make for a healthy productive relationship.




For us to be clear, we need you to be clear. This takes a lot of hard hitting questions to form a real understanding of the health of the business and exactly where you want to position it going forward.


Simply invite us for a coffee to talk about your business.

We prefer to meet face to face but then there is a;ways the internet. This is of course FREE!



The Proposal.

If we agree we are a good fit then in a week we will follow up to discuss areas that we feel we could help you with. These will be initially based on your answers and on our experience with your company. These will be bullet points as we have not be hired at this stage.

Hiring Us.

If you agree with our proposals and feel it fits with your vision of the future, then you hire us. At this point we will go into more depth and work with your team on setting out a full road map to be implemented.



The Fun part.

Once we all agree on the outcomes we then set to work on delivering the objectives. If you need us to be on board during each stage then we will help monitor and remove any stumbling blocks or adapt to new opportunities as they rise.

Review & Future

A follow up will be carried out at the agreed periods during and after the process is complete.

Our only aim is to deliver on all tasks agreed and become your sounding board for in your future.

About us.

We really just wanted to create a value added business that we would like to work with.

Having globe trotted for some of the worlds largest hospitality companies, we noticed that customers needs are changing more rapidly than most industries can keep up. They no longer look for brand recognition but seek out uniqueness and experiences rooted in genuine human connection.


Consultants often offer a clutter of solutions to problems which are far removed from actual customers needs. We decided to use our years of hands on hospitality experience to offer services that challenge the status quo in other industries.


We just really want to create unique experience driven solutions for our customers.

Although we are based in Estonia, there is always Skype to kick things off.

We also have a suitcase and toothbrush packed ready to explore global possibilities.


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Why everyone can now make a change in your business.

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December 2017

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