Nexperience. Enhance your customer's experiences by focusing on the next one.


All of us build a model of the world through a set of experiences that are stored in our subconscious mind. These are a blend of the intellectual memory from each event and the emotional memory at that precise moment. Over time these are distorted as we experience more and re-file them in our own personal way.  This makes the next experience your customer receives more important than any of their previous visits as it could easily disrupt their entire memory bank on your business.


Today we are living in a world where we are all slowly moving away from the large commercialized brands and avoiding places that we once accepted. We want to spend our money on the experience as much as the product itself.


As connection and travel open up we no longer want to find copies or sterilised versions of an original.  We want to  experience the original...

Why nexperience?

Most businesses are really built on “one to one” human interaction (or at least a perceived version of this) as the key driver to financial success. We all often overlook the importance of the many emotional connection points with customers as we become more reliant on technology to gauge our next moves.


To base everything on market trends and immediate bottom line profits will no longer work in the future as alternatives are now easier to find, easier to access and above all your customer base is shifting its perspective constantly thanks to social media.


Even if your company understands this and seeks growth by expanding its realm of influence, a lot of the time your business dynamics or the owner themselves have stopped it from moving forward by intellectualizing, controlling and complicated the daily processes.  You loose the ability to act in real time and pivot quickly. This can only be achieved by simplifying all processes and highlighting those that need to be removed.


As owners we often forget this, as the emotional drive, risk and passion it took us to start out on our journey has been replaced with a safer approach to the future. We loose sight of our original purpose and add layers that customers do not want to interact with.


Nexperience aims to re-focus your company purely on one thing '"The art of delivering exceptional emotional experiences to the next person who walks through your door"  .....even of you don't have a physical door!

How it works.

Firstly you choose if you would like a full Nexperience review, a seminar style talk or a half day interactive session.

All are aimed to open up your organisation to looking at things from a customer first view point.


Please notes that this is not just talking about customer service training, we are talking about how you currently attract and service customers as well as formulating the need to create a full five senses experience’s that stimulate deep ENGAGEMENT with your businesses.


The program asks and challenges your focus on ‘What it is you do?’, ‘What you want your business to be known for?’, as well as the leadership functions you have created.


It will help unlock and unleashed your employees by allowing them to explore the crazy ‘Viva Stupidity’ ideas that can benefit the emotional interactions with your guests.


We explore the physical sensory mood stimulants that change the human ‘state’ and how delivering on six key human needs, you can create genuine refreshing emotional reactions in people.


You will also gain an insight as you define your actual ‘ideal customer(s)’ and how by turning them into a virtual living avatar will effectively build a new inner soul of your business that attracts the guest you want for the price you want and focuses all of your marketing to speak to this person.  Any size of business can use these principles to build brand affinity though smart ‘Cultural’ and ‘Emotional’ marketing. This will also help review your social media strategy in real time offering opportunities to turn them into a raving fan of what you do.


Finally we look at how being good at more than one thing in the eyes of your community and by benefiting the them  you can add intrinsic value to your brand.  We will even look to see how you can foster a collaboration with other like-minded businesses that will lead to greater impact on all guests visiting your business and even your city.



The one day workshop brings key employees together with an aim to create dynamic ways in which to understand and improve the guest experience thus lifting the company to new heights.


It focuses on unlocking their potential as they focus first on the "last customers experience" they gave which is then brought back through the organization.


Best suited to a mixed group of senior managers, cross departmental mangers and supervisors with potential.

These are an interaction experience of approx 1 hours aimed at explaining the key principles and opening delegates up to new possibilities that impact the customers, their leadership styles and how to build  intrinsic value into the image of their companies.


These talks are ideal for a high energy opening or closing of a days seminar session for groups of business owners, managers or in front of large organisations that work over many locations.


NB- Timing can be tailored to your needs as well as Q&A if required.

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